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Wyer vs.
Tesla, Inc. et al.

I am developing this website on behalf of my husband, David Wyer, and our family.

My name is Sharon Wyer. I have a PhD in Leadership, am earning a second PhD in Clinical Psychology, and was formally the HR Director of a public school district in the State of Washington. Concerning employment law, I know what’s legal and what isn’t. 

David’s case against Tesla is a strong one, as he is in several protected classes:


Fact 1:
David is clinically diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome (DSM-IV), which is a recognized autism spectrum disorder, he has a disability. Hiding the firing of a person with a disability in a layoff is illegal.

Read Wyer's Appellate Briefs

Appellant's Opening Brief
Appellant's Response Brief

Learning Documents

The Cost of Arbitration
The Evidence Timeline
JAMS Commencement Original Document 
Uploaded on 7/7/2024
Table of Contents
of Exhibits
Uploaded on 7/16/2024

Note: All of the actual documents listed here were successfully submitted and accepted for submission to the Appellate Court - all 33 volumes.

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